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Screw whatever I just said.

Are we through with our little fixation of being dumbasses? I am so tired of things going further and further downhill online, seriously. Get over all of this, please. It's funny how the same people that once sat and joked with me about certain things turn around and become the same person doing these things.

Honestly? Honestly? Are there not enough random disgusting little pairings and fandoms out there for you to get your rocks off to? I am so tired of all these piss-ant little brats online. Stop lying, stop hiding who you are just to be liked. Stop trying to pretend you're one thing when you're another. I am so tired of feeling betrayed and annoyed and aggravated with people. There really shouldn't be an investment online, but somehow there is.

Just because you are willing to write your character being a fucking whore, a gay whore or otherwise, does not make you so 'LOL COOL' or anything. Actually? Considering the respect I have for writers? It makes you filth. You go in and take someone elses idea to turn around and ruin it on purpose? Does it make you feel superior to be a trendy little skank? Because, that's all you really are now.

I hope you enjoyed your ride down hill, because now you really are beneath me.

Yes. Frankie is in a bad fucking mood.
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